Employee review software designed to maximize organizational performance one employee at a time.


Launching and completing reviews takes as little as a few minutes


Reviews consist of seven targeted questions and a section for comments


Focuses on direct, honest feedback by maintaining responders' anonymity

Mobile Friendly

Complete reviews at your desk or on the go

Targeted Questions

Seven meaningful questions provide a comprehensive review

Graphical Reports

Visual guides highlight employee strengths and improvement areas

Track Performance

Monitor improvement over time with recurring reviews

SNAPSHOT Analytics Report

Each review generates a concise, single sheet report that includes the responses from the employee as well as their managers, peers, and direct reports.

The report also functions as a worksheet where the employee can create goals to grow their strengths and improve development areas.

SNAPTREND Performance Tracking

"You can't manage what you don't measure."
Improve the performance trajectory of your organization by quantifying employee performance and tracking improvement over time.