Our Mission

At SNAPSHOT360 we are passionate about designing a quick way for people to get performance feedback. We believe people want more input, not less. We believe people really want to know if they are headed in the right direction with their behaviors and attitudes. With the pace of things, people need to develop faster than ever before.

Something else we value at SNAPSHOT360 is anonymity. With our 15+years of experience working in corporate environments, we know the focus of a 360 review process is to identify patterns and perception trends across a wide spectrum of observations versus a focus on who made a specific comment. Anonymity is built into our design.

SNAPSHOT360 works in all levels of an organization. Top Executives quickly see how behaviors are perceived by other managers. Support roles benefit from peer inputs, often more so than a top-down perspective which is often a limited viewpoint. SNAPSHOT360 delivers feedback quickly from the people who matter the most at a moment in time.

We believe implementation of a 360 process is as important, or more important, than the tool used. With our experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. Let’s work together to create a more open and collaborative performance review process for your organization.

Revolutionize your process into one employees want to do!

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